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This digital resource has been designed to facilitate and optimize the implementation of your business initiatives and projects. Specialists of Glavkosmos JSC (a subsidiary of Roscosmos State Space Corporation) have analyzed, selected and combined into a single interactive catalog the products of most Russian manufacturers, long and successfully represented in the space market. The product range is presented in specialized sections, so that the search for the right solution and ordering were as convenient for you as possible.

We assumed that the search, selection, analysis and ordering of products is a very difficult and time-consuming process. This web portal has been designed by Glavkosmos to save your time, it works on the principle of "one-stop shop": you can order the most suitable solution for you, using only this resource.

Glavkosmos today is a team of highly qualified specialists combining technical competence with the spirit of pioneers and space explorers. The key activities of the company are promotion of achievements of Russian cosmonautics to the world markets and management of complex international projects.

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