High-precision automated angle-setting complex

It is designed for quality control of manufacturing and testing of devices used in control systems of rocket and space technology, such as angle sensors of various types, accelerometers, tilt meters, gyroscopic devices. The angle-setting complex has the ability to set angles both manually and automatically (by an electric drive controlled by software). The angle-setting complex has the capability to perform an autonomous (without the use of additional measuring instruments) automatic calibration of the complex during operation to reduce the measurement error in the current climatic conditions.
Year of release: 2008
Flight qualification of the product: yes
Brief history of flight qualification:
Quality control of manufacturing devices of the control system of upper stage "Fregat", LV "Proton-M", LV "Angara»
Possibility to adapt the product to customer requirements: yes

Parameter Value
Range of measurement of angles, ...° 0..360
The error of measurement of angles, … ±0,5
Resolution capacity, … ≈0,013
Permissible angle of rotation of the faceplate not limited
Maximum load, no more than

- when the axis of rotation is vertical

- when the axis of rotation is horizontal


Overall dimensions, mm

- turntable < / p> - electronic unit


Weight, kg

- turntable < / p> - electronic unit


Automatic self-calibration yes


High-precision device for setting and measuring the angular position in the range of angles from 0° to 360° in the vertical and horizontal plane.


Application areas:

- Aviation

- Space

- Radio engineering, electronics, microelectronics

- Civil industries

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