Electromagnetic Unit (EMU) - Magnetic Torquer

Creation of a dipole magnetic moment, the value of which is proportional to the current flowing through two independent windings. EMU is used in attitude control system of spacecraft for the orientation and unloading of the reaction wheel.
Year of release: 2016
Guaranteed service life (years): 5
Estimated production / delivery time (months): 6
Flight qualification of the product: No
Brief history of flight qualification:
Flight tests, normal operation.
Possibility to adapt the product to customer requirements: Yes

Parameter Value
Working orbits Low, medium and geostationary orbits
Mass of EMU 0,48 kg
Magnetic moment ≥ 20 А·m² throughout the operating temperature range
Residual magnetic moment ≤ 0,05 А·m²
Number of windings 2
Power supply voltage 4,5 ± 0,1 V
Power consumption ≤ 2 W
Operating temperature range from -20 to + 55 °С
Overall dimensions Ø17 х 345 mm


Electromagnetic unit (EMU) - Magnetic Torquer


There is an option to develop and supply EMU with magnetic moment from 0.2 to 800 А·m² according to customer requirements

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