Manual Deployer of Pico and Nanosatellites

Launch of pico- and/or nanosatellites by astronaut from ISS at extravehicular activity (EVA), delivery of pico/nano satellites to ISS and their protection at transportation by cargo vehicles, provision of works onboard the station.
Year of release: 2018
Guaranteed service life (years): 5
Estimated production / delivery time (months): 6
Flight qualification of the product: No
Brief history of flight qualification:
Production and ground tests of the prototype.
Possibility to adapt the product to customer requirements: Yes

Parameter Value
Working orbits Low
Mass of device 3,47 kg ±10% (without thruster), 3,99 kg ±10% (with thruster)
Mass of payload up to 5 kg
Volume of payload up to 100 х 125 х 314 mm
Linear separation velocity 0,25 до 0,50 m/s
The angular velocity in the separation ≤2 deg./s
Trigger trigger actuation force (remote control keys) 2,5 (3) kg
Overrall dimensions 400 х 435 х 160 mm


Device for manual start-up of pico and nanosatellites from International Space Station (ISS).


Supplied with remote control. There is an option to develop and supply a launch device for automatic launch in any orbit.

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