Spacecraft Separation Device

Spacecraft attachment to the adapter for the period of their joint operation; shock-free separation of the spacecraft with the specified parameters using the command from the booster control unit.
Year of release: 2011
Guaranteed service life (years): 6
Estimated production / delivery time (months): 12
Brief history of flight qualification:
Amos-5, Yamal-300K, Express-АТ1, Express-АТ2, Express-АМ8, KazSat-3, Loutch-5V, Express-АМ5, Express-АМ6, Yamal-401.

Parameter Value
Separation device mass, kg 10.5 to 15
Attitude rate of spacecraft separation no greater than 3% relative to any axis
Linear velocity of spacecraft separation, m/s 1.5±0.5
Separating spacecraft mass, kg 1600 to 3400
Number of locks, units 6 or 12
Maximum permissible axial equivalent force at the separation interface up to 1080000 N
Number of push-rod springs 6 or 8


Mechanical device that consists of locks, spring-loaded pushrods, clamp-band with explosive pins, separation connectors, separation sensors.

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