Antenna-feeder Device of Wideband Communication System

Receive/transmit subscriber relay equipment of wideband communication system maintenance in communication sessions via spacecraft repeaters of the multifunctional space system relaying between the ISS science-power module and a ground station.
Year of release: 2014
Guaranteed service life (years): 10
Estimated production / delivery time (months): 20

Parameter Value
Frequency band circular polarization signal radiation - 15 GHz; сircular polarization signal reception - 13.5 GHz
Power consumption not exceeding 75 W
Antenna absolute gain not exceeding 41 dB
Elliptic coefficient 0.85
SWR of paths within the operating frequency band not exceeding 1.2
Antenna directional diagram width while receiving 1.1; while transmitting 1.0
Angular region during the pointing process azimuth ±180, elevation ±120 (taking into account minor restrictions)
Mass not exceeding 55 kg
Active lifetime not less than 15 years


Component of large antenna systems.

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