Thermal-Protection Materials for Spacecraft

Provision of normal thermal conditions on passing the dense atmosphere at landing, antenna assembly thermal protection.
Year of release: 1977
Estimated production / delivery time (months):
Depending on the volume of an order
Flight qualification of the product: Yes
Brief history of flight qualification:
Spacecraft Buran.
Possibility to adapt the product to customer requirements: Yes

Parameter Value
Shape blocks, shaped molded or custom -made articles
Operating temperature, ℃
from -60 to +1100
short-time – up to +1250
Substrate Silica fiber
Thermal conductivity at (25±5) ℃,W/mK
up to 0,050 (for TZMK-10М and TZMK-14М)
up to 0,070 (for TZMK-25М)
Density, kg/m3
135-160 (for TZMK-10М, TZMK-14М)
230-280 (for TZMK-25М)


Nonablative thermal-protection silica-fiber-reinforced materials for coating the reusable spacecraft (TZMK-10(М) and TZMK-25(М), as well as radio engineering-purpose articles (TZMK-14М).

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